About Us

Americans for Veterans a not-for profit organization was founded in 2008 by Philip F. Blumberg. What began as an idea to provide support to our departing troops has been steadily growing and transforming into a way to provide a helping hand to our returning veterans in need and assistance to enable them to transition to a successful civilian life. Americans for Veterans is attracting contributions and support from corporate entities and senior level executives, and other individuals, to contribute funds, in-kind services, or both, to assist our veterans.

Americans for Veterans works in cooperation with existing organizations to assist those veterans most in need.

– Helping hand for our war veterans –

The recent economic downturn has led Philip F. Blumberg to launch Americans for Veterans by contributing an initial $500,000 and start up costs for the organization, a contribution geared to attract contributions from individuals and companies across the United States. According to Blumberg: “Veterans merit our support in any economic circumstance, but now more than ever, it is important for American businesses and citizens to recognize veterans and support those in need. What is most important to me is not just that we respect their service but also that we show, by what we do for them when they return, how much we value that service. My hope is that this effort will grow into something that touches all veterans in need.”

As a private sector initiative, Americans for Veterans bring to the cause a business perspective with a focus on providing grants or low cost loans, job training and placement for servicemen and women returning to civilian life from combat locations, Americans for Veterans targets contributors who understand the importance of job training, and are able to provide funds, or in-kind equipment, technology and loaned executives or pro-bono work. Americans for Veterans is organized to assist veterans in need and returning veterans needing assistance to transition to a productive, successful civilian life.